Tribol CT 1740 range

Paper Machine Circulating Fluids

Castrol Tribol™ CT 1740 (previously called Tribol™ 1740) Paper Machine Circulating Fluids are synthetic blend, high performance circulating fluids.

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  • Family Tribol CT 1740/220
  • Product category Circulating Oils,Paper Circulating
  • Application Extended Oil Life
  • Product type Lubricating Oils


Castrol Tribol™ CT 1740 (previously called Tribol™ 1740) Paper Machine Circulating Fluids are synthetic blend, high performance circulating fluids. They were designed specifically for the elevated temperatures and wet, steamy environment at the dryer end of the newest high speed paper machines. Innovative blending of superior base fluids has produced lubricants with a high Viscosity Index (VI) in the range of multigrade motor and gear oils, such as SAE 80W/140, without the use of VI improvers. These lubricants provide a free flowing oil for effective cooling, and ease of settling and filtering out contaminants, and they also maintain a viscous lubricating oil film at the highest bearing temperatures.
The hazards in the paper machine environment, in addition to elevated and high temperatures, include paper dust and other airborne particulate matter, wet steam and condensate, and even splash from machine washdown carrying various chemicals with it.
All of these could tend to deteriorate the lubricant and promote the formation of "varnish" and other deposits, especially at thin-film "hot spots" where flooding of oil cannot be achieved. The base fluids in Tribol CT 1740 were selected for their physical and chemical stability. They are specially compounded to resist oil oxidation and deterioration.
The inclusion of select detergent/dispersants assures that all contaminants entering or being generated within the system are kept separate and suspended until they can be removed by settling, filtering and/or centrifuging.
Tribol CT 1740 Lubricants is manufactured from a blend of premium synthetic and highly refined petroleum base oils selected for their exceptional physical and chemical stability, and their low carbon residue. Tribol CT 1740 contain a select dispersant system to keep particulate contaminants, decomposed organic matter, and entrained moisture disbursed and flowing freely, and yet not inhibit the water from separating out in circulating system retention tanks or by centrifugations.
A high degree of antiwear protection is built into Tribol CT 1740 (see Typical Properties). The antiwear additive system is completely compatible with the multi-metal construction of bearings and other system components. Rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics have been maximized to prevent rust and corrosion and to promote long service life of the oil.

Primary applications for Tribol CT 1740 are in the circulation systems of paper machines serving dryer rolls and the rolls of corrugators. These high performance circulating oils may be used in any system serving journal and antifriction bearings and gears. Tribol CT 1740 Fluids SHOULD NOT BE USED in gearsets where AGMA EP (Extreme Pressure) Gear Oils are specified.
It was the newer high-speed, higher temperature paper machines requiring high pressure steam that necessitated the development of the Tribol CT 1740. However, many older machines have been modified to operate faster than original design, and the Tribol CT 1740 Fluid may also be required in the circulating systems of these machines. In selecting the proper viscosity fluid, it is important to consider the bearing manufacturer's recommended minimum viscosity at the operating temperature, but it is also necessary not to use the higher viscosity fluid if the nature of the pump or existing piping in the delivery and return systems will not handle the viscosity. The higher VI of the Tribol CT 1740 will help in this situation, but there may still be a problem in some older machines.


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