Tribol 1066 range

Non-emulsifying slideway oil

High performance demulsifying slideway oil.

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  • Family Tribol 1066/220
  • Product category Slideways Oils,High Performance
  • Application Increased Lubricity & Separation
  • Product type Lubricating Oils


High performance demulsifying slideway oil. Resists the cleansing action of surface-active coolants. Meet the requirements of the Cincinnati Lamb specification.
For the lubrication of slides and ways.

Excellent coolant compatibility
Low lubricant consumption
Effectively controls 'stick-slip'
Zinc-free technology

Tribol 1066 is a high performance slide and way lubricant of modern metalworking machine tools in high precision, high volume manufacturing.

Outstanding demulsification properties and non-reactionary formulation help extend the life and effectiveness of water-based coolants. Excellent wash-off properties resist the detergent and cleansing action of surfactants in coolants limiting the amount of lubricant that enters the coolant central system.


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