Tribol 943 AW-32

Advanced performance hydraulic oil

Primarily used as a hydraulic fluid but can also be used as a circulating or compressor oil.

  • OEM approved 13 approvals
  • Product category Hydraulic Oils
  • Sub-category Mineral Enhanced
  • Application Increased Life


Primarily used as a hydraulic fluid but can also be used as a circulating or compressor oil. High performance, ashless (zinc-free) multi-service oils that can extend service life of equipment for uninterrupted machine availability and production. Very high oxidation stability.
Speciality hydraulic and circulating oil developed for use in advanced numerically controlled (NC) hydraulic systems, including servo-controlled robots.

Excellent antiwear and oxidation properties
Excellent corrosion protection

The Tribol 943 AW range offer extended service life and promote continuous production and machine availability for a broad range of applications. They are formulated using a blend of stable base oils and an advanced zinc-free additive package which resists the formation of soluble by-products during service which cause thickening of the oil. They also resist the formation of insoluble by-products from oil deterioration, which may cause varnishing and sticking of servo valves and other critical control components.


Operating temperature Max. 210.2°F
Viscosity 32 mm/s² at 104°F
Viscosity index 100
Oil type Group II Mineral Oil
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture, Chemicals, Machinery, Metals, Mining, Power Generation

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