Tribol 1066/68

Non-emulsifying slideway oil

High performance demulsifying slideway oil.

  • OEM approved 3 approvals
  • Product category Slideways Oils
  • Sub-category High Performance
  • Application Increased Lubricity & Separation
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Important product notice

The name of this product has changed to Tribol SW 1066/68 to group it with products with similar attributes. If you have any questions, please contact your local Castrol representative or use the "Contact Us" button above.


High performance demulsifying slideway oil. Resists the cleansing action of surface-active coolants. Meet the requirements of the Cincinnati Lamb specification.
For the lubrication of slides and ways.

Excellent coolant compatibility
Low lubricant consumption
Effectively controls 'stick-slip'
Zinc-free technology

Tribol 1066 is a high performance slide and way lubricant of modern metalworking machine tools in high precision, high volume manufacturing.

Outstanding demulsification properties and non-reactionary formulation help extend the life and effectiveness of water-based coolants. Excellent wash-off properties resist the detergent and cleansing action of surfactants in coolants limiting the amount of lubricant that enters the coolant central system.


Operating temperature Max. 194°F
Viscosity 68 mm/s² at 104°F
Viscosity index 106
Oil type Mineral
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture

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