Techniclean D 300

Heavy duty, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner

Castrol Techniclean™ D 300 (previously called No.

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  • Product category Cleaners
  • Sub-category Aqueous Alkaline Cleaner
  • Application Dip, Ultrasonic


Castrol Techniclean™ D 300 (previously called No. 300) is a general purpose, aqueous alkaline industrial cleaner, containing inorganic salts and a highly effective surfactant package.

Techniclean D 300 is a versatile product, being suited to a very wide range of operations in production engineering.
It is well suited for industrial process cleaning in modern dip, agitated dip and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, capable of removing difficult soils, such as heavy duty neat cutting or forming oils, greasy and waxy corrosion preventive films, lubrication oils and greases, carbon as well as swarf and general workshop grime.
Techniclean D 300 also meets the requirements for general purpose maintenance cleaning of machines, tools, equipment and concrete floors, walls and windows.
Techniclean D 300 can be used with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is recommended that sensitive aluminium, copper and zinc alloys should be rinsed after cleaning.


Metal type Aluminum, Cast Iron, High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel, Yellow Metal
Multi metals suitable Yes
Formulated without Silicate No
Formulated without Boron Yes
Product type Surface Treatments
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals

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