Optimol Paste TA

High temperature screw assembly paste

Assembly paste for screw connections at temperatures up to +1100°C.

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Assembly paste for screw connections at temperatures up to +1100°C. Prevents seizing, welding or scaling. Also available as a Spray for applications where access is restricted.
Assembly paste for components subject to corrosion, extreme temperatures and ambient conditions.

High load carrying capacity
Resistant to hot and cold water
Limited resistance to alkalis and acids
Good corrosion protection

Optimol Paste TA is suitable for the assembly of components such as screws, bushes and valves, flanged joints and threaded tube connections, positive-locking components, seals, stuffing boxes and packaging which are subjected to corrosion, extreme temperatures and unfavourable environments.
Temperature application range: -40°C (-40°F) to +1100°C (+2012°F).


Operating temperature Min. -40°C

Max. 1100°C
Oil type Mineral
Thickener Silica
Food grade No
Product type Greases
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metals

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