LubeCon Series O Lubricant

Heavy duty lubricant for food equipment

Series O Lubricant is designed to be a thin-film lubricant that also acts as a penetrant and cleaner.

  • Product category Chain Oils
  • Sub-category Automated Lubecon Application
  • Application Lubecon


Series O Lubricant is designed to be a thin-film lubricant that also acts as a penetrant and cleaner. The highly penetrating and creeping characteristics serve to dissolve solidified grease and accumulated carbon residue. A thin film of highly stable select additives and friction modifiers are carried to the contact points and offer a high film strength.
For the lubrication of conveyor chains in the food and beverage industry.

NSF-H2 approved
Dry, thin film lubrication
Excellent antiwear properties
High penetration of working parts
Helps promote longer chain life and cleans working parts

LubeCon Series O is formulated as a dry, thin film lubricant that has excellent penetrating ability and will also dissolve solidified grease and carbon residue previously deposited on conveyor chains. A thin film of highly stable additives and friction modifiers carried to the contact points offer high film strength and excellent load-carrying properties.LubeCon Series O is a NSF-H2 approved for use in meat and food processing facilities or applications where discolouration cannot be tolerated.


Operating temperature Min. -85°F

Max. 449.6°F
Viscosity 2 mm/s² at 104°F
Oil type Solvent type
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Cement, Engineered Wood, Food & Beverage, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals

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