LubeCon Series 301 Lubricant

High temperature chain oil

Heavy duty lubricant containing a blend of graphite & PTFE.

  • Product category Chain Oils
  • Sub-category Automated Lubecon Application
  • Application Lubecon


Heavy duty lubricant containing a blend of graphite & PTFE. Designed specifically for use on conveyors, maintenance equipment or other devices.
For the lubrication of chains, chain pins and trolleys.

Dry lubricant film
Highly penetrating
Excellent load-carrying capacity
Helps extend chain life

LubeCon Series 301 is a heavy-duty, antiwear lubricant containing a blend of graphite and PTFE solid additives. It is formulated for use on conveyors but is also suitable for use on general maintenance equipment. Series 301 deposits a thin dry film with high film strength, is highly penetrating and can dissolve previous solidified grease and carbon residue deposits. The dry lubricant also exhibits non-drip performance which helps to reduce contamination of working parts.


Operating temperature Max. 399.2°F
Viscosity 5 mm/s² at 104°F
Oil type Solvent type
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Cement, Engineered Wood, Machinery, Metal Goods, Metals

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