Kleen 3693

Alkaline spray wash cleaner

Heavy-duty spray wash cleaning fluid for difficult-to-remove soils.

  • Product category Cleaners
  • Sub-category Aqueous Alkaline Cleaner
  • Application Flood Wash, Spray
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The product you have selected is no longer available. Castrol experts recommend Techniclean MP Flex in its place. If you have any questions, please contact your local Castrol representative or use the "Contact Us" button above.


Heavy-duty spray wash cleaning fluid for difficult-to-remove soils. This cleaning fluid can help to remove accumulated road soils and oxidized oily deposits therefore, is particularly useful to automatic transmission rebuilders. Manufacturers of new parts will find Kleen 3693 effectively removes heavy duty pigmented forming compounds, lapping and polishing compounds, lubricating greases and thick soft-film rust preventives.


Metal type Aluminum, Cast Iron, High alloy steel / Stainless steel, Low / Med alloy steel
Multi metals suitable No
Silicate free No
Boron Free Yes
Product type Surface Treatments
Applicable to these sectors Automotive Manufacture, Machinery, Metal Goods

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