Iloform TRS 107

Synthetic forming fluid

Castrol Iloform™ TRS 107 (previously called Fluidform 107) is an oil-dispersing synthetic forming fluid.

  • Product category Forming
  • Sub-category Synthetic Fluid
  • Application Welded Tubing


Castrol Iloform™ TRS 107 (previously called Fluidform 107) is an oil-dispersing synthetic forming fluid. It is stable in hard water.

Iloform TRS 107 has been developed for tube mills producing furniture grade stock. It provides exceptional detergency to prevent smut build-up on rollers and surface demarcations on finished tubes.
Iloform TRS 107 reduces the need to manually clean rollers and finished stock. Iloform TRS 107 is also "clean-running", both tubes and work area remain free of oily residue when running this lubricant.
To remove the small particulate inherent to tube forming operations, positive filtration is recommended when using Iloform TRS 107.

Conditions of Use
Concentration range: 3 - 8%

Eliminates oily, graphitic smut to produce exceptionally clean stock.
Promotes a clean work environment, thereby maintaining the high operator acceptance common to synthetic fluids.
Resists microbial attack under normal shop conditions.
Stable product; suitable for use in a wide range of water conditions.
Suitable for a variety of applications and types of steel.


Metal type Low / Med alloy steel
Multi metals suitable No
Ester/EP additives Yes
Chlorinated paraffin free Yes
Boron Free No
Heavy metal free Yes
Product type Metal Working Fluids
Applicable to these sectors Metals

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