Braycote 631 RP

Aviation Corrosion Preventive Grease

Castrol Braycote 631 RP is a smooth, buttery, off-white NLGI 2 grease formulated using a perfluoroether oil.

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  • Product category Grease Applications, Speciality (Aviation/ Vacuum/ Semi-Conductor)
  • Application Speciality (Aviation/ Vacuum/ Semi-Conductor)
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Castrol Braycote 631 RP is a smooth, buttery, off-white NLGI 2 grease formulated using a perfluoroether oil.
This grease is non-flammable and is in general chemically inert. It is thermally stable either alone or in the presence of oxygen, has low volatility, and has little tendency to form deposits.

In addition Braycote 631RP exhibits excellent lubricating properties, good dielectric properties, and shear stability. Braycote 631 RP is designed for static or dynamic service in the presence of fuels and oxidisers.
It has been used in gears, ball and roller bearings, electrical contacts, and as a thread and elastomer sealant.
It is particularly useful as a lubricant in corrosive or oxygen (LOX/GOX) service and as a plug valve lubricant. This product is compatible with concentrated acids and bases and it does not hydrolyse or oxidise. Perfluorinated greases and has a very long shelf life due to their intrinsic inertness and used for wide temperature applications.


Operating temperature Min. -54°C

Max. 204°C
Viscosity 125 mm/s² at 40°C
Oil type PFPE
Thickener Inorganic
Food grade No
Product type Greases
Applicable to these sectors Chemicals, Engineered Wood

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