Braycote 601 EF

Rocket propellant compatible, low temperature grease with rust preventive

Castrol Braycote 601 EF is a smooth, buttery, translucent off-white colored NLGI 2 greases.

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  • Product category Grease Applications, Speciality (Aviation/ Vacuum/ Semi-Conductor)
  • Application Speciality (Aviation/ Vacuum/ Semi-Conductor)


Castrol Braycote 601 EF is a smooth, buttery, translucent off-white colored NLGI 2 greases. It uses Castrol Brayco 815Z as the base fluid and a tetrafluoroethylene telomer as the gelling agent.They are formulated to operate in the presence of fuels, oxidisers, and in applications of deep space vacuum. They are used in gears, ball and roller bearings, electrical contacts and as an assemly lubricant for"O" rings and elsatomers.

Frequently used in space applications including the Space Shuttle and satellites and in any application where a hostile chemical or extreme environmental conditions would preclude the use of an ordinary grease.
Low temperature perfluorinated polyether grease which is compatible with rocket propellants. Nonflammable, chemically inert, and thermally stable, Exceptionally low volatility, Low tendency to form deposits, Excellent lubricating properties, Good shear stability.


Operating temperature Min. -80°C

Max. 204°C
Viscosity 148 mm/s² at 40°C
Oil type PFPE
Thickener PTFE
Food grade No
Product type Greases
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Chemicals, Machinery, Metal Goods

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