Brayco 363

General purpose oil for military use

General purpose lubricant for military equipment.

  • Product category Extreme Environment
  • Sub-category Aviation
  • Application Aviation


General purpose lubricant for military equipment. Meets the requirements of and qualified to MIL-PRF-7870C. This fluid is identified by NATO Code O-142.
General purpose lubricating oil for low temperatures.

Castrol Brayco 363 is a highly refined blend of petroleum base stock and additives, which provide excellent
resistance to oxidation, protection against rusting, and limits galvanic corrosion.

Brayco 363 is designed for use as a general purpose, low-temperature lubricating oil for operation in the
temperature range of –65°F to 250°F (-54°C to 122°C). It is especially useful where a light oil with a low
evaporation rate which provides rust protection is required.


Operating temperature Min. -65.2°F

Max. 251.6°F
Viscosity 10 mm/s² at 104°F
Oil type Mineral
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace, Automotive Manufacture

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