Aero 35 Red

Mineral oil based aircraft hydraulic oil

ISO VG 15 grade speciality mineral hydraulic fluid meeting MIL-PRF-6083F requirements.

  • Product category Extreme Environment
  • Sub-category Aviation
  • Application Aviation
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ISO VG 15 grade speciality mineral hydraulic fluid meeting MIL-PRF-6083F requirements.

Speciality hydraulic fluid for aircraft landing gear shock struts.

Castrol Aero 35 is a high quality, low viscosity mineral hydraulic fluid meeting MIL-PRF-6083F specification, containing antiwear agents and corrosion inhibitors. It also contains a shear stable viscosity index improver, anti-oxidant and an approved extreme pressure additive system which reduces martensitic streaking of landing gear outer cylinders and galling of shock strut upper bearings. It is specially designed to reduce the "stick-slip" properties of MIL-PRF-6083F fluids.

Castrol Aero 35 is available in dyed red (meeting Douglas Aircraft DPM 6177 requirements ) or yellow/undyed (meets Boeing Spec BMS 3-32B, Type I).

Castrol Aero 35 is compatible with other fluids that are approved to MILPRF- 5606H and other
MIL-PRF-6083F approved hydraulic fluids.


Viscosity 14 mm/s² at 104°F
Viscosity index 326
Oil type Mineral
Product type Lubricating Oils
Applicable to these sectors Aerospace

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