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Magna is a wide range of lubricants for applications and operations such as general lubrication oils, slideways, bearing and paper circulations.

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    Our range of high quality additive-free oils possessing inherently good resistance to oxidation and good demulsification properties, suitable for the lubrication of slideways.
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    Castrol Magna™ SW D (previously called Magnaglide D Range) is specially formulated for the lubrication of slideways on machine tools. These oils are fortified with selected oiliness, extreme pressure additives and a special material to impart tackiness and adhesiveness.
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    Castrol Magna™ SW DX Range (previously called Magnaglide™ DX 68 and DX 220) have excellent demulsifying and adhesive properties. This combination prevents mixing with water miscible cutting fluids and also prevents extrusion and/or washing off of the lubricating film during use with water miscible cutting fluids.
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    Machine Tool Slide Lubricants
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    Castrol Magna SW WT Range (previously called Magna™ BDX 68 + CFX 220) slideway oils are based upon highly refined mineral oils, which incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives.
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    Mineral circulating oil
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    Recommended for use in both ferrous and non-ferrous Morgoil back-up roll bearing systems such as those manufactured by Morgan Construction Company, Danieli, SMS Demag and others.
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