You can reduce the costs of equipment repairs and wasted energy,
as well as the heavy penalties when breakdowns stop production.

Right now, in your plant, friction is needlessly wearing out expensive capital equipment, wasting energy, and threatening to halt production with unscheduled shutdowns.

Equipment is often operated under demanding conditions. It can be subjected to speeds, loads and temperatures that are beyond its design and specifications.

Under these conditions, conventional lubricants simply do not provide adequate protection. The results are excessive wear and premature equipment failure.

By comparison, the Castrol brands of high-performance lubricants are engineered to meet industrial requirements with performance characteristics greatly exceeding the capabilities of ordinary oils and greases.

The real value of high-performance lubrication is reflected in a measurable return on investment (ROI).

With Castrol products, you apply less lubricant… and replenish it less often. Before-and-after studies also show that parts last longer; equipment requires fewer, less costly repairs; energy requirements diminish; you can have significantly fewer shutdowns; and new production profits take the place of former downtime losses.

Castrol, a world leader in high-performance lubrication technology, shares your commitment to achieving the highest standards of productivity and quality. Castrol applies a unique approach to deliver solutions through customised programs of expertise, products and services that yield quantifiable cost reductions and improved productivity to your business.

What do we mean by high performance lubricants?

High Performance Lubricants are those that:

  • Offer superior and differentiated performance not readily achievable with conventional industrial lubricants
  • Are for critical or capital-intensive applications
  • Are formulated to go beyond industry specifications
  • Deliver significant value in enhancing protection, reliability and productivity at reduced operating costs

Marketed under the trade names of Optigear, Molub-Alloy, Tribol, LubeCon, Viscogen, Optileb, Optitemp, Brayco and Braycote, high-performance lubricants can protect equipment under the most severe conditions.

No matter what industry you’re in – automotive, steel, mining or wind energy – our unique combination of high-performance lubricants, programmes and services can help you achieve your goals.

This website has separate sections on the lubrication of gears, chains, compressors, open gears and other applications. Also included is a review of the fundamentals for preventive maintenance, personnel and management. A troubleshooting section is included to help pinpoint problems quickly.

Readers should bear in mind that for most of the simple statements in this online asset, many interpretations are possible. The High-Performance Lubricants Reference Guide is intended to give the working lubrication specialist or preventive maintenance engineer enough basic data to make informed decisions about proven ways to fight friction and use high-performance products to reduce total plant operating costs.

Our performance lubrication expertise reaches around the world through a global network of field sales, distributors and application engineers. For information on how Castrol’s performance lubricant experts can assist you, please call [Give contact numbers in the regions] or email []. You can also find additional information.

Automotive Manufacturing

Whether you are seeking help on specific lubricant issues, complete lubrication or chemical management, Castrol’s extensive experience with the automotive, truck, heavy equipment and aircraft industries can help you achieve your goals. Improving product quality while reducing costs through process improvement is the focus of Castrol’s high-performance line of lubricants and services. High-performance lubricants and application equipment, combined with Castrol’s innovative lubrication and maintenance management programmes, can reduce downtime and operating costs while improving product quality and productivity. From foundry to assembly, and from special on-car lubrication to products for CVJ (constant velocity joint) applications, we offer products that mean quantifiable improvements to your bottom line.

Machinery Manufacture

Castrol high-performance lubricants help increase productivity in manufacturing, and provide products for OE and service fill that enhance the life of the components in use, be they bearings or gearboxes. Using our in-depth understanding of the machinery industry, we have developed a comprehensive range of solutions, each created around the specific needs of the various machinery manufacturing processes. We provide products as OE/Service fill for various Gear/Bearing manufacturers including Robot manufacturers.

Wind Energy

We understand that advanced wind energy technology is placing far higher demands on turbine lubrication. That’s why, at Castrol, we have focused on all lubrication areas of your wind turbine, using proven application expertise and highly advanced products to deliver economical and reliable solutions.

Steel and Primary Metals

Castrol develops and sells products that have been serving the primary metals industries for more than 50 years. High-performance lubricants are designed to withstand the extreme environmental challenges found in steel mills, foundries and aluminium plants. Castrol lubricants’ unique components provide the mechanical strength necessary to withstand the extreme shock loading found in rolling mills.


Castrol is a world leader in high-performance lubrication for mining. Our goal is to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure maximum equipment availability. This is no easy task in mining’s rugged and challenging environment. Specially formulated products for these demanding operating conditions are supported by custom-tailored service programmes. We work in close partnership with mining companies around the world to reduce costs through improved lubrication management.

Pulp, Paper and Engineered Wood

Castrol, a world leader in high-performance lubrication, shares the industry’s commitment to achieving the highest standards of productivity and quality. Castrol’s unique combination of high-performance lubricants, programmes and services helps achieve your goals. Few industries have more challenges to proper lubrication: extremes of climate and temperature, the presence of water and steam, use of highly corrosive chemicals for processing, and abrasives (from dirt and bark at one end of the process to paper dust at the other). From wood yard to paper machine, our high-performance lubricants offer optimum lubricating properties in all your adverse applications.


Other industrial markets include: metal manufacturing (consumer durables), food and beverage, rubber and plastics processing, petrochemicals, fibreglass and gypsum, sugar and public utilities